Anthony Morrison CEO of Morrison Education, Inc is a driven and focused internet marketing mastermind who is always ahead of the crowd.

From running his numerous internet businesses that generate millions of dollars to spending time with his family, Anthony Morrison is the perfect example of a young man living the American Dream because of successful internet ventures.

While entrepreneurship has run in Anthony’s family, his parents never tried to persuade him to enter the business world. His dad actually persuaded him daily to be a medical doctor, not a businessman. At age 13 Anthony received his first computer as a Christmas gift from his father. He immediately began using the computer to make money instead of playing games like most young kids would typically do. The first thing Anthony did was locate a source to purchase baseball cards at wholesale prices on the internet, and resold them to local card shops for a profit. This was just the beginning of what was to come as he grew older. “It just comes natural to me,” said Anthony when asked how he began his quest for internet entrepreneurship. In February of 2004 his first business was created and launched. Anthony, 21 at the time, was still studying biology as a Pre Med major at Mississippi College a private institution in Clinton, Ms. “Business was rough at first. I had to juggle school, class, studying, and answering hundreds of phone calls,” said Anthony. Having no training or schooling in business he learned everything as he says “on the job”. He continued to run this business throughout 2004 as his only online presence.

While his first business was extremely successful Anthony still had the desire to expand his business, and venture into other businesses on the internet. In 2005 he started his second online business, and at the time he had no clue what he was doing. “I just decided I was going to learn on my own how to be successful in business, especially on the internet”, says Anthony. His second business has now become the most successful business in his portfolio. Today Anthony currently runs and operates over 5 successful businesses ranging from financial affiliate marketing to automotive performance parts retail & wholesale.

In addition to his internet companies Anthony started the Hidden Millionaires nationwide tour in 2007. With this Anthony has traveled the United States teaching others how to become successful in business. He plans to reach every state in the US before the end of 2008 and spread his knowledge of the internet, as well as business in general to everyone he possibly can reach. He has taught hundreds of people across the US how to become successful in business, and has many success stories to share with his students.

Now in January 2008 Anthony is bringing his knowledge to his hometown of Madison, Ms. The opening of Morrison Education, Inc. is Anthony’s first venture into teaching people from his home town what he has already taught hundreds across the country.

Anthony Morrison – Morrison Education Inc.

Anthony Morrison is best known for his ability to create successful internet businesses.

Morrison Education, Inc. was founded by Anthony Morrison in order to teach people in the Madison, Ms. Area about the internet and how to use it to create a successful online business and an online advertising career. Many schools will teach you how to read, write, and to math, however, they do not teach you how to make money. The main goal we at Morrison Education, Inc. have is to make sure all of our students know how to make money on the internet before they finish our courses.

Anthony Morrison is an author, entrepreneur, young millionaire and public speaker. You can learn more about Anthony Morrison and the methods he employs as an internet marketing expert by enrolling in any of Anthony’s education programs.

Morrison Education does not stop at seminars only. Through online blogs, Anthony Morrison TV, weekly blogs, books, DVDs and seminars, Anthony Morrison is providing training and hands on help for business. Through his program he is offering tools that are designed to convert online traffic to your website into cash in your pocket.

Today’s economic woes and challenges have affected men, women and businesses alike all across the country. The educational programs developed by Anthony Morrison are key to helping many people and businesses find the success in these troubled times and increase their profitability. Internet businesses are not simply cut and dry easy to succeed; they take skill and expertise that comes through experience. With the help of an expert like Anthony Morrison, the process of creating a successful business can be shorten and the path to online profits can be seen clear.

The financial freedom enjoyed by Anthony Morrison is condensed and imparted through this different education programs.

Anthony Morrison’s education covers topics such as:

  • How social networking sites can help investors achieve free advertisement.
  • Press and News Releases.
  • Article distribution.
  • How to buy a domain and host a website.
  • How to locate quality website designers at a low price.
  • How to optimize your site for search engines (SEO).
  • How to use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and other paid advertisement avenues.
  • How to get content for your website.
  • How to create and promote a blog.
  • How to use e-mail marketing.
  • How to optimize your Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • Lead Generation And Management.
  • CPA networks (Cost-Per-Acquisition).
  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Campaign marketing and management software.
  • How to revenue from your website.
  • How to use the internet for your own financial gain thus easing yourself out of debt and building your own financial well-being and much more!.

Anthony Morrison has put together a complete program that will allow you to become an internet marketer and that is easy to follow and implement. Additionally Anthony Morrison provides real life examples and has a great support teams that will be with you in every step of the way.

Knowing when and how to use this education is thought unless you have a guide like Anthony Morrison and a support team and platform like the one he has developed. You need people to talk to and learn from regarding your problems and someone to suggest possible solutions. You can find this in Anthony Morrison’s students.

Join Anthony Morrison’s Live community and forums to know more.

Anthony Morrison’s Enterprises

Anthony Morrison quickly achieved the status of earning his first million dollars at the young age of 21 launched his first online business.

When financial ruin threatened his family, Anthony Morrison expanded upon a business he’d had as a teen and established his first company, Cool Blue Performance. Within one year he was working with every parts supplier in the industry; the following year he began manufacturing his own parts and dominating the industry.

Since then Anthony Morrison has started eleven additional companies, created a charity, Christmas For Kids, and now operates one of the most successful seminar tours in the United States.

Anthony Morrison not only teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed in business, he helps them start their first business and provides one-on-one instruction.

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